Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crescent City

Stepped from the door of the plane and was doused by an ocean of warm humidity. The sun glanced under the clouds as it went down and painted a far-flung arm of Hurricane Dolly with streaks of purple and orange. Gary, our shuttle-bus driver, pointed at a water mark remarkably high on a bridge as we sped by. He and his wife and kids were flooded out by Katrina but have recently returned. He said the people of Houston are good people, but New Orleans is home and he’s glad to be back.

Feathered masks for $5.99 at the tourist traps. Alligator heads for $15. I miss my sons already - they would appreciate a good varnished alligator head. Lots of people out on the warm streets tonight. Music plays from somewhere. Turned down a dark street at 8:45 p.m. and found an Indian/Pakistani restaurant called Salt & Pepper ("All kind of meat is Halaal - guaranteed"). Ordered fried catfish.

Full agenda tomorrow (click here).


Anonymous said...

As always, Ric. I get a real sense of place from your posts. Future career as a travel writer? I'll look forward to more.

Ric Cantrell said...

Thanks amiga. It's a cool little town. I think it's your turn to post something next - maybe an acceptance speech podcast for the BIG AWARD you are receiving (and so richly deserve)!